JMS 3D Printing Services


We are a service company that can turn a 3D model into a real ABS 3D Print up to 10″ x 8″ x 8″ inches in size.  We also offer design services to help you with your modeling.  We work with ABS, the same material that Lego"s are made of, which provides strength, flexibility and heat tolerance for most applications.  See photo below for some of our available colors as well as specialty materials that change color or glow in the dark.


3D Printing Services

We can turn your STL model files into full 3D printed objects in durable ABS plastic.  We want to understand the use of the print so we can ensure you get the best strength and appearance


Design Services

If you don’t have a 3D computer model, we can help you make your concept a reality.  We will want to see sketches or photos you may have or a brief description.  We can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect your idea before we start. We can provide both IGES and STP files if you want to get production quotes for molded or machined parts from production sources.


Customers we serve

  • Students looking to learn to create 3D designs and see them printed
  • Hobbyists who want to enhance their experience by using 3D printed parts
  • Inventors who need to have a prototype to show potential customers or investors
  • Commercial industries who need models to help their Customers visualize their product
  • Craft people who want to use 3D Printing technology to create something unique.
  • Ordinary folks who need to have a replacement part made for something in their home or car


Who we are .... has 40 years of mechanical design experience and knowledge of 3D printing strengths and shortcomings to ensure you receive a 3D Print that meets or exceeds your expectations.  As a former Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt for a major aerospace company, we focus on what is important to our customers.